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PSM Records

  PSM Records is a division of Nqaphelo.


We offer the following music-related services:
  • On-stage Performances
  • Talent searching
  • Recordings
  • And more
The life of a creative individual is always busy, regardless of whether the activity means financial remuneration. Currently I am engaged in a variety of tasks, some of which are listed below:

Performances Scheduled

We offer both vocal and instrumental on-stage performances for a variety of occasions, including cultural and religious festivals, marriage ceremonies, felicitation ceremonies, etc. We specialize in Gospe mostly but we are open for any genre as well, For scheduling a performance and for performance charges information, please contact us


We are an experienced and qualified music expert, and have played and sung at a wide range of recordings; solo, and in accompaniment with other musicians and singers. To schedule a recording session with me, please contact us or /WhatsAPP 079 8300 155.